CPS - Videos

CPS from Kreuzberg 36 was one of the leading HipHop acts in Berlin during the 1990's. They released an album (Firebreaka) and five singles (2Gather, Firebreaka, Jazz, Phonkey Man, and Beedog / Turn Tha Heat Up) CPS were also one of the founding members of the P-Pack network of artists.
This is an unreleased Track by CPS from the late 90's. Featuring some live-footage from the Helter Skelter Festival in Munich 1996.
CPS will play a show and host a huge party at Privatclub on December 16th 2017.
Save the date!!!

An old CPS-track from the mid-90's polished with live-footage from a show at Privatclub in Berlin 2017.
Filmed and cut freshly by Sam Schulze.